Weighted Base Crate Storage

Weighted Base Guardrail Storage

The Weighted Base Guardrail Storage crate is ideal for transporting and storage of our Ballasted Guardrail. Convenient fork lift pockets and d-rings for hoisting make this crate ideal for jobsites or for storage in the warehouse during the winter months.

Weighted Base Guardrail Storage: A place for everything.

Weighted Base ClampsWith multiple compartments, every item needed for the Weighted Base Guardrail system has a convenient place for accessibility. Not only is everything handy during setup, returning inventory becomes a lot easier–saving time & money. Heavy weighted bases stack three at a time while guardrail sections have dedicated storage pockets. Don’t forget about those snap-lock pins! Each snap-lock pen has it’s own slot location.

The weighted base storage crate is available for individual purchase to compliment your existing system* or as a new setup. Contact your local dealer for pricing and ordering information.