Commercial Roofing Safety and OSHA Inspections

Commercial Roofing Safety and OSHA Inspections OSHA Guidlines for Roof Safety Commercial Roofing Safety and OSHA Inspections: Permanent Guardrail can protection your workers and save you from thousands of dollars in fines. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has ruled that, effective November 2017, all commercial roofs need top ridge anchors installed that inspectors … Continued

Green Roofs Are Great But Still Require Leading Edge Safety

Green Roofs Are Great But Still Require Leading Edge Safety Green Roofs Are Great But Still Require Leading Edge Safety! The USM-IBC Permanent Guardrail is an excellent choice for green roofs because it does not penetrate the roof membrane, allowing installation of grasses all the way to the leading edge. USM-IBC Guardrail is manufactured in … Continued

Leading Edge to exhibit at the National Safety Congress

Leading Edge to exhibit at the National Safety Congress Leading Edge to exhibit at the National Safety Congress: We’re all about rooftop safety! Curious to know how our TriRex works? Stop by booth #3413 to see our interactive display! If you’re not in the Houston area, Leading Edge is also exhibiting at the MRCA in … Continued

3 Ways the Right Drone Can Reduce Labor Demand

Drones are everywhere. They’re being used to film blockbuster movies and Emmy®-winning commercials, battle wildfires, geomap hard-to-reach terrain, optimize farming methods, patrol national borders, and, of course, inspect and measure residential and commercial roofs. The FAA projects that more than 7 million drones will be in use in 2020. 7 million. That’s nearly the number … Continued

Proactive vs Reactive Maintenance

Frequent readers of roofing blogs and other publications may recognize a compelling and frequently quoted argument for preventive maintenance made in and Roofing Contractor: According to the story, building owners and facility managers who inspected and repaired their roofs routinely were able to identify potential problems before they happened. As a result, they … Continued

SPOTLIGHT on The ABO2: The First Self Cleaning Adhesive Applicator from Leading Edge Safety

The AB02 Doesn’t Clog: The ABO2 Was Designed In the Field with Industry Leading Roofers The first self cleaning adhesive applicator to hit the market, the ABO2 was designed in Kansas City with leading commercial roofing experts throughout the midwest. Through extensive field testing, the ABO2 has been precisely engineered with state-of-the-art software and cutting … Continued

When the Job Ladder is an Actual Ladder: 200,000 construction jobs and still no takers

By Don Kilcoyne, GAF. It seems everybody wants to climb the job ladder, but no one wants to climb a ladder on the job. First posted in June 2017, this article has been updated with 2018 data including findings from the GAF Contractor Labor Shortage Survey conducted at the 2018 GAF Wealth Builder conference, current … Continued

Why should I join Midwest Roofing Contractors Association? 

Greg Sprague, MRCA President, explains why it is important for contractors to become members of MRCA.  Over the past year I have attended many barbecues, golf outings, cocktail parties, luncheons and educational seminars in the official capacity as the MRCA President. At all of these various functions I have promoted the 2018 MRCA Conference and Expo which will be … Continued

The GrabSafe™Portable Ladder Extension

Extend Your Safety with the GrabSafe™Portable Ladder Extension For roofers, the transfer from the ladder to the roof is the #1 most dangerous task relating to falls from a height. There is no good way to step off a ladder and onto a roof and back–until now. The GrabSafePortable™ eliminates common safety issues related to … Continued

Roof Hatch Guardrail

Roof Hatch Guardrail from Leading Edge Safety Navigating the transition from straight ladders to the roof through a roof hatch is one of the most prevalent dangers of roof access. The LES Roof Hatch Guardrail system offers comprehensive code and safety compliance with standard features unmatched throughout the industry. Safety Features Come Standard All of … Continued