When the Job Ladder is an Actual Ladder: 200,000 construction jobs and still no takers

By Don Kilcoyne, GAF. It seems everybody wants to climb the job ladder, but no one wants to climb a ladder on the job. First posted in June 2017, this article has been updated with 2018 data including findings from the GAF Contractor Labor Shortage Survey conducted at the 2018 GAF Wealth Builder conference, current … Continued

Ladder Safety 5 Questions to Ask

Ladder Safety and the 5 Questions to Ask   1.)  Did you know that ladders are the cause of 25% of construction industry fatal falls? 2.)  Do you or your contractors use extension ladders in your business operations? 3.)  Do your ladder users step off from extension ladders to roofs as an example? 4.)  Do you know that OSHA … Continued