SPOTLIGHT on The ABO2: The First Self Cleaning Adhesive Applicator from Leading Edge Safety

The AB02 Doesn’t Clog:

AB02 Action

The ABO2 Was Designed In the Field with Industry Leading Roofers

The first self cleaning adhesive applicator to hit the market, the ABO2 was designed in Kansas City with leading commercial roofing experts throughout the midwest. Through extensive field testing, the ABO2 has been precisely engineered with state-of-the-art software and cutting edge manufacturing practices. Since it’s release in early 2017, the ABO2 has won numerous awards as competitors have scrambled to react with alternative solutions for adhesive application. There simply isn’t a better applicator on the market.


The AB02 Valve Switches to Constant Air Pressure

When the hand valve is in the off position, continuous air flow pushes product all the way through to the tip, eliminating need for constant product flow. The tip remains clean and the airflow complete. The AB02 is ready to go when your crew returns from breaks and doesn’t need to be reset like other systems. With decreased consumables, reduced downtime and increased productivity, the AB02 is the right choice for your crew.

Contact Your Local Dealer for Special Industry Pricing on the Top Self Cleaning Adhesive Applicator

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