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Roof Hatch Guardrail

The Roof Hatch Guardrail system provides permanent full-perimeter fall protection with improved egress and ingress for all roof hatches. The Roof Hatch Guardrail system meets and exceeds numerous standards and requirements for floor openings and walking/working surfaces. “Zero Penetration” attachment will not damage roof flashings, prevents moisture from entering the building, and will not void the roof warranty. Each unit features patented GrabSafe™ handholds, providing 3-point control throughout egress and ingress. Guardrail extensions create a landing area to ensure safe operation of the self-closing gate while standing on the walking surface, not the ladder. Powder coated steel colors available to match Kynar® sheet metal or other building components and RAL colors. Roof Hatch Guardrail meets and exceeds OSHA Standards and International Building Codes (ICC).

The Roof Hatch Guardrail system was strategically designed by experts with years of experience in the fall protection industry to ensure compliance, safety and ease of use. Self-closing gate and built-in landing area provide maximum safety and security to users. The integrated GrabSafe™ hand holds provide permanent ladder extensions to assist in comfortable and safe egress and ingress of the ladder. More built-in safety features then the competition and engineered to exceed 250lb constant loads, the Roof Hatch Guardrail is your ultimate choice for safety.


USM-IBC Guardrail

USM-IBC Guardrail, uprights are designed to keep workers away from the leading edge while still allowing full access to the roof surface and building perimeter.

The unique mounting and upright design allows our guardrail system to remain in place whether it’s a complete re-roof project, edge metal replacement, equipment maintenance, facility lighting or security camera work, our guardrail remains in place providing full-perimeter fall protection. Leading Edge Safety’s patent pending design allows for guardrail installation under most coping cap, drip edges, gravel stop and inside gutter systems. Installation of the permanent guardrails can typically be installed using the existing coping cap metal, eliminating the added cost of new metal.




Ballasted Guardrail

Weighted base guardrails are a quick and easy solution to passive fall protection. Easily adaptable to your job site conditions, weighted bases can be quickly configured for both temporary and permanent protection. The modular design incorporates both fixed length rails and adjustable rails, offering greater flexibility than “cattle gate” systems. Modular and reusable components allow the system to be moved to future locations. Our weighted bases are easily stackable for transport or storage and installation requires no previous experience.