Item # RR-CS-350

The LES RaptorRail™ 350′ Roofing Base Kit has the proper parts to cover an 80’x80′ building or 320-350 lineal feet of coverage in each kit. Complete rail system includes 36 posts, 36 railing feet and bases, 56 ten foot rails, 8 universal corner adapters, 4 small (29-43″) adjustable rails, 4 large (70″-120″) adjustable rails, and 4 extra large (120″-218″) adjustable rails. Also includes a RaptorRail™ crate specifically designed to provide organization for all parts of the system. With the included 9 cubic feet job box, a variety of fasteners and tools can be stored in the RaptorRail™ crate to ensure you always have what you need on the job site for a proper installation.