Steep Slope Guardrail System

The SS-Rail™ is designed to be user friendly, yet completely adjustable to the daily challenges of steep slope roofing. Installation is quick and easy with lightweight posts and slotted keyway for fastening. Designed to accept the solid steel RaptorRail™ or standard lumber, the SS-Rail™ system offers economical options to provide the safest job site possible.

  • Fully adjustable pitch from 0/12 to 12/12
  • Fully adjustable rail height
  • Accepts steel RaptorRail™ 8’-10’ spacing and adjustable rails up to 120”
  • Accepts wood railing at a max of 8’ spacing
  • Lightweight at 16 LBS
  • Key slotted for easy removal
  • Compliance comes standard: OSHA 1926.502[b]
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