Fall Restraint System

The SafetyGator™ offers you protection from the number one cause of death and serious injury in steep slope roofing–heights from sixfeet or more. The SafetyGator™ is the easiest solution for compliance and maximum safety.

Designed with residential roofers in mind, the SafetyGator™ can accommodate up to SIX workers on fall restraint. Simply attach and fill the unit with water from a garden hose and your workers are protected.

  • Fall Protection for steep slope roof applications–both residential and commercial shingle, tile, shake, etc roofs with slopes of 3/12 or greater
  • No need for counterweights-fills with water
  • No assembly required
  • Tie-offs for up to 6 workers at 310 LBS
  • Meets OSHA requirements for fall arrest
Fall Restraint Capacity 6 workers (310 LBS ea.)
Recommended Surfaces
Roof Surfaces 2:12 slope or less
Ground Bare Ground, Grass & Lawns, Gravel & Concrete
Net Weight 515 LBS
Operational Weight 1715 LBS
OSHA 1926.502