Raptor Rail™
Temporary Rail Systems

Our Raptor Rail™ Temporary Rail systems are designed and built to keep your workers safe while enhancing productivity.

The Raptor Rail™ is designed and built to keep your workers safe while enhancing their productivity. Raptor Rail™ can be installed quickly and easily, yet is adaptable to virtually any situation. The crate and cart systems allow the components to be hoisted to the desired location in a single lift and be accessible at any location. The swiveling base allows finish work to the edge without removing the safety of the system. The base post and the parapet clamps have rubber pads to protect the building façade.

  • Fast and easy setup
  • Roofing base designed for low edge or parapet applications while swiviling out of the way for finishing to the edge without removing the system
  • Adjustable rail height, adjustable corners, and available adjustable rails to fit the most demanding situations
  • Optional parapet clamp fits over parapet with no holes required; adjustable to fit parapets from 0"-24"
  • Designed to fit over gravel stops
  • Adjusts to fit inside gutters
  • Base adjusts for roof slopes
350' Roofing Base Kit - Included Items
36 Railing Feet & Bases
72 Quick Attack/Release pins (on base)
36 Attaching Bolts/Nylon Nuts (on base)
36 Posts
56 Ten-Foot Rails
4 Universal Corner Adaptors
4 Extra Large 120-218" Adjustable Rails
4 Large 70-120" Adjustable Rails
4 Medium 43-70" Adjustable Rails
4 Small 29-43" Adjustable Rails
2 Mid-Support Posts
1 Rail System Crate
350' Roofing Base Kit - Dimensions
Length 125"
Width 50"
Height 42"
Weight (Dry) 2200 LBS