Custom Design Services

Leading Edge Safety is more than a fall protection company. We see the bigger picture, and as a result, we work to help make every aspect of a job site more productive and safer. Our solution? The creation of custom design services. Offering a wide spectrum of custom design services, ranging from specialty spray rigs for roof-coating companies, one-of-a-kind material carts used to enhance your construction equipment, and custom-built hydraulic tanks, we work to help make construction equipment modifications for the construction and roofing industries.

How We Can Help

Complete Build Design

Whether you have a minor engineering project or a full-scale construction project, our experts can help you provide everything from on-site project evaluation to comprehensive budget estimates.

Stamped Engineering

Do you need a construction equipment modification or custom-tailored guardrail created for your next project? If so, we can help. Once we have outlined your equipment objectives, we will handle the third-party facilitation of PE stamping.

3D Modeling

From full-scale models to on-site mock ups, we have the skills and expertise needed to help you handle your every 3D printing needs.

Scaled Prototyping

When your project requires scaled prototyping from experts you can trust, look no further than Leading Edge.

Full-scale Prototyping

In addition to providing scaled prototyping, we offer full-scale prototyping that gives you a comprehensive look at your next project.

Metal Fabrication

From specialized material carts to custom construction equipment additions, use our metal fabrication services to get your next project the places it needs to go.

PRS Skylight Guardrail System

PRS Roof Hatch Guardrail System

PRS Ladder To Roof Access

RaptorRail SS Rail System™

To learn more about our full-service construction equipment modification services or other custom design services, contact our Kansas City establishment by calling (888) 990-2990.

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