Self-Cleaning Two Part Adhesive Applicator

Roofing Equipment made simple–The AB-O2, The world’s first and only self cleaning adhesive applicator. How does it work? When the hand valve is in the off position, compressed air quickly pushes product through to the tip.

Roof Equipment Made Simple

This means you won’t need to constantly change tips every time you need to pause the system. With decreased consumables, reduced downtime and increased productivity, the AB02 is the right choice for your crew.

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  • Quick connect to air line allows for self-cleaning all the way through to the tip
  • Air line allows conservation of resin and longer use of tips reducing consumables
  • Eliminates downtime
Thread Size 5/16" - 18" (lever handle)
Thread Length 1/2" (lever handle)
A JIC 6F to NPTM Swivel
B JIC 5F to NPTM Swivel
Handle 35.625"L x 5.25"D x 1"H (UV resistant vinyl foam)
Valve 6061 Aluminum Anodized Type II Class I
Handle 16 GA Steel 1" Round