USM-IBC Guardrail – The unique mounting and upright design allows our guardrail system to remain in place whether it’s a complete re-roof project, edge metal replacement, equipment maintenance, facility lighting or security camera work, our guardrail remains in place providing full-perimeter fall protection.

Wall Mount Guardrail  – Containing a dual plate mount system, this guardrail allows roof flashing to be installed over the base plate and creates a compression seal around the mounting studs when the upright plate is attached.

Deck Mount Guardrail – The unique installation of our Deck Mount Guardrail system allows installation with the use of pre-fabricated roof flashings and eliminates the need for on-site welding.

Standing Seam Guardrail – The Standing Seam Guardrail System attaches to structural metal panels with pre-engineered S-5 clamps ensuring solid and maintenance free installation without penetrating the roof panels.

Ballasted Guardrail – Weighted Base Guardrails can be used at perimeters, open curbs, skylights, stair openings and anywhere else a leading edge requires fall protection.