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Raptor Tri-Rex™ – Mobile Fall Protection Cart


The LES RAPTOR Tri-RexTM mobile anchor cart allows for mobile and versatile fall protection for 3 person fall arrest and 2 person fall restraint.  The streamlined design incorporates a three-point front axle locking mechanism and is the only fall arrest cart with a locking engagement arm that ensures your anchor point to be locked into its deepest point of penetration during a fall.  Keep your workers safe and mobile with the Tri-RexTM.   The Tri-RexTM meets and exceeds OSHA 1926.502(D).


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RaptorRail™ All-In-One Railing System


The RaptorRail™ is designed and built to keep your workers safe while enhancing their productivity.  It can be installed quickly and easily, yet is adaptable to any situation.  The RaptorRail™ crate and cart systems allow the components to be hoisted to the desired location in a single lift for accessibility at any location. The swiveling base allows finish to work to the edge without removing the safety of the system. The base post and the parapet clamps have rubber ads to protect the building façade.












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