Lightning Protection for Commercial Buildings

Lightning Protection from Leading Edge Safety

Over the next few days, the coast is expected to receive hurricane–force weather. Are your commercial
properties protected from the disastrous affects of lightning? Do they even need it? The answer is
yes, you really do and now is the optimal time for an install.

Lightning Protection Facts

Thunderstorms occur virtually everywhere and that puts any building at risk. State-of-the-art certified lightning protection systems are a part of the structural design of thousands of commercial and public facilities worldwide and are designed to maximize protection of life and property. Risk factors including your location, frequency of thunderstorms, soil composition and building occupancy determine the need for a lightning protection system.

  • Lightning is the most dangerous and frequently-encountered weather hazard that most people experience each year. – National Severe Storm Laboratory
  • Lightning accounts for more than one billion dollars annually in structural damage to buildings in the U.S. – Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
  • 3%-5% of commercial insurance claims are lightning related. – Factory Mutual Insurance Co.
  • Over 40 million lightning strikes occur each year. – The National Weather Service
  • Lightning is the leading cause of church fires (30.2%) in the U.S. – Insurance Information Institute
  • Studies confirm that conventional lightning protection systems are highly effective in reducing lightning-caused fires and damage to buildings and structures – American Geophysical Union

When choosing a lightning protection system, remember that electricity follows the path of least resistance. Our modern system is designed with safety first while keeping building aesthetics in mind. We’re also cost efficient–the system can be left in place during construction, even throughout re-roof projects. With nothing to disconnect from the ground wire during construction, re-certification costs are eliminated. Learn more about our lightning protection system.

Learn more about about lightning safety from our friends at the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety and East Coast Lightning Equipment.