Ladder Safety–A Step In The Right Direction

The GrabSafe™ Portable is for roof access ease and reduction of fall exposures.
Key features include:


  • Three foot ladder extension product is safest for roof access transition
  • Fits to any exsisting ladder meeting ANSI A14.2 metal and A14.5 fiberglass
  • Meets OSHA ladder extension requirements
  • Aluminum–lightweight addition adding 6lbs to each side
  • Runglet is 1″ diameter, the optimum size for handhold strength
  • Relieves fatigue for trades using portable ladders
  • Increases confidence in ladder use
  • Hold rungs and runglets ONLY on ladders for handhold reliability
  • Tested to 1000lbs of strength without distortion
  • 15º angle enables man more applications such as painting and excavation

Climbing ladders without fall protection represents billions of fall exposures. According to OSHA, approximately 40% of construction related deaths are fall related, 20% involve ladder accidents.  The GrabSafe™ Portable ladder extension is a quick and easy fall protection solution. The GrabSafe™ Portable locks onto your ladder and tightens for security in seconds while at ground level.