The GrabSafe™Portable Ladder Extension

Extend Your Safety with the
GrabSafe™Portable Ladder Extension

For roofers, the transfer from the ladder to the roof is the #1 most dangerous task relating to falls from a height. There is no good way to step off a ladder and onto a roof and back–until now. The GrabSafePortable™ eliminates common safety issues related to ladder-to-roof transfers by allowing walk through with horizontal grab bars. Workers say it makes ladders much safer and easier to use.

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Benefits of using a ladder extension:

  • Aluminum construction only 12 lbs.
  • Step-through roof access; no more dangerous side-stepping onto roof.
  • Horizontal rungs to securely grab for optimal grip.
  • Transitioning back onto ladder from roof is a breeze and feels secure.
  • Provides the OSHA-required 3’ extension above the roof surface–every time.
  • Angled at 15 degrees–keeps extension vertical.
  • Compatible with most extension ladders.
  • Rated at 310 lbs.
  • Works with some rung-mounted stand offs for roof access to protect gutters.
  • Installs in just minutes.
  • Compliant with OSHA 1926.1053(b)(1) and is compatible with ANSI standard A14.2 and A14.5.

The GrabSafe™ Advantage

Did you know that it’s impossible to support your body weight using the verticle side rail? The hand used to grip the ladder side rail will, in a fall, slide down and hit the next ladder rung 12 inches below in a quarter of a second. It takes about a third of a second for a human hand to respond and fully grasp an object. Therefore, the climber’s hand will hit and pass the ladder rung before the climber has the muscle response to fully grasp and attempt to stop the fall. To help prevent an uncontrolled fall, one hand must grasp a horizontal support using a horizontal power grip at all times. Grip control in contrast with contact is critical. Side rails or vertical holds provide a contact hand grip based mostly on friction. The horizontal power grip has a 75% to 94% larger breakaway force than when gripping a vertical rail. The GrabSafe Portable Ladder Extension provides the user with continued horizontal powergrip while maintaining 3-point contact. It also eliminates the need to pivot around the ladder by providing a walk-through approach.

What causes ladder accidents?

  • Poor housekeeping.
  • Non-compliant use.
  • Improper footwear.
  • Defective or damaged ladders.
  • Lack of ladder stabilization.
  • Inadequate training.
  • Insufficient competent person (CP) site safety audits.

The jobsite ladder should be inspected before use. Consider using the following to avoid common ladder hazards:

  • Inspect ladders and accessories prior to use and regularly during use for visible defects to ensure they are maintained in their original condition of manufacture.
  • Set up your ladder in a 4:1 pitch, utilizing adjustable legs on uneven surfaces or securing base with ground stakes on unstable soils.
  • Keep a 3-foot-square (minimum) discharge area clean from debris at the top and bottom of the ladder. Roofers should always avoid carrying any item which prevents 3-point contact during climbing.
  • Install either a roof-mounted or fascia-mounted ladder stabilizer to the top of the ladder to prevent unintentional lateral displacement.
  • Install a GrabSafePortable™ to permit straight walk-through to the rooftop and eliminate sidestepping, while also providing adequate 36-inch-high stabilizing handholds.
  • Wear footwear appropriately designed for roofing operations in order to maximize traction on pitched roof/ladder bearing surfaces. Gum or consumable rubber soles without heels are recommended. Special care should be taken to keep the soles of boots clean from tar, adhesives, oil, grease and debris, which could cause loss of adhesion.

Profits cannot be maximized until losses are minimized, so safety must always come before productivity. Falls from access ladders are not, and never will be, affordable. Maintain compliance while protecting your workers from dangerous falls. Install a GrabSafePortable™ on all of your ladders.