Leading Edge Safety is more than a fall protection company. We see the bigger picture, and as a result, we work to help make every aspect of a job site more productive and safer. Our solution? The creation of custom design services. Offering a wide spectrum of custom design services, ranging from specialty spray rigs for roof-coating companies, one-of-a-kind material carts used to enhance your construction equipment, and custom-built hydraulic tanks, we work to help make construction equipment modifications for the construction and roofing industries.

Complete Build Design

Whether you have a minor engineering project or a full-scale construction project, our experts can help you provide everything from on-site project evaluation to comprehensive budget estimates.

The professionals at Leading Edge Safety will take your next project from start to finish, providing the services you require to get the results you need. We know you are busy being builders, engineers, and architects, so you can leave the not-so-fun details to our team. Want to learn how we can help?

Below is a comprehensive list of our services:

  • On-site Evaluation
  • Budget Numbers
  • Layout for your project, utilizing cutting-edge products and custom design solutions that fit specific applications
  • Engineering service
  • Fabrication
  • On-site training for the installation of special products or equipment modifications

Stamped Engineering

Do you need a construction equipment modification or custom-tailored guardrail created for your next project? If so, we can help. Once we have outlined your equipment objectives, we will handle the third-party facilitation of PE stamping.

Whether you need custom fall protection service or would like to make equipment modifications to enhance your day-to-day job site productivity, Leading Edge Safety is your solution. Our no fail two-step process is simple and effective, always getting you the results you need, when you need them most.

The way our stamped engineering service works is easy. Simply work with one of our in-house engineers to create a design that is suited for your project. After you have reviewed and approved the design, we will facilitate third-party evaluation and PE stamping for all engineering products shipped and used in the United States and Canada.

3D Modeling

From full-scale models to on-site mock ups, we have the skills and expertise needed to help you handle your 3D printing needs.

Whether you need 3D modeling services to create custom fall protection items like guardrails or to make equipment modifications, we can help. Leading Edge Safety has the engineering know-how and industry experience needed to bring your vision to life.

The great thing about 3D engineering is the fact that we can replicate whatever job site or equipment modification you have in mind. You dream it, we will reproduce it in brilliant 3D modeling. It is as simple as that.

Scaled Prototyping

When your project requires scaled prototyping from experts you can trust, look no further than Leading Edge Safety.

Do you need to examine a few components of your next big project? Or, perhaps you would like to analyze one aspect of it? No matter what your prototyping needs are, Leading Edge Safety has the ability to help provide scaled models of your next build. Allow the professionals at Leading Edge Safety to be of assistance.

Using 3D printing to produce a scaled replica of your next big construction or engineering project allows you to get a realistic idea of what you can expect, before you begin. As a result, you can expect smoother builds and a better overall finished product.

Full-scale Prototyping

In addition to providing scaled prototyping, we offer full-scale prototyping that gives you a comprehensive look at your next project.

Full-scale prototyping is an easy way for you to get a complete look at your project before you even break ground. Using 3D printing technology, we help provide a comprehensive picture of your next project with the creation of realistic site mockups. Viewing all the angles allows you to get prepared beforehand, so your build can be executed as smoothly as possible. When it comes to full-scale prototyping, nobody does it better than Leading Edge Safety. With a large knowledge base and a wide scope of experience allows us to give you the service your project demands and deserves.

Metal Fabrication

From specialized material carts to custom construction equipment additions, use our metal fabrication services to get your next project to the next level.

The full-service metal fabrication shop at Leading Edge Safety is prepared to handle your most demanding projects. Using the latest industry technology and a team of skilled professionals, you can always count on us to satisfy your metal fabrication needs. Metal fabrication is not a weekend DIY project. It requires the expertise of skilled professionals with years of experience. And that is exactly what you will find when you partner with Leading Edge Safety.